The Wide World Of Television

download (4)Television is one of those things that we call entertainment. In one form or another it is entertaining to watch. But, television has taken on a new realm as well. Within the last few years, television has gone to reality. At least, television has developed its own sense of reality. People just love the laughs they can get from watching people make fools out of themselves. But, television is more than just that. It has become a way of communicating as well.

To that point, just imagine all of the things that we see on television today that our grandparents have never imagined seeing. During wars, we can watch news people actually risk their life not for freedom but to bring you the next big story. We are fully educated on the cultures around the world if we watch enough of it on television. It also brings people together to fight for the causes. During political elections, how would senators and presidents run if it weren’t for the ads on television?

The largest market for advertising is in television

My Top Ten Favorite Baseball Movies

detail_bulldurhamMy top ten baseball movies consist of five movies on the list. There have been many movies with a baseball theme that I have liked, but there are only five I have loved. I will get to them soon.

Some of the ones I have liked are “Bull Durham” with Kevin Costner, a light hearted tale about a minor league season in North Carolina and the characters on and around that team. “Bang The Drum Slowly” with Robert DeNiro, “Cobb” with Tommy Lee Jones, “Fear Strikes Out,” “Eight Men Out,” “A League of Their Own,” “Major League,” and “Rookie of the Year.”
One thing that my favorites have in common is that I have been moved to tears. For similar and different reasons, I have been inspired or moved by some of the following scenes.

Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones.

When I think about this movie I always think how corny it was. Come on – Cut down a corn field to create a baseball field. I have seen this movie

Movies as Healing Journeys

trispriorWhen I first heard the idea that movies could offer insight into life’s problems – into some of my problems – I found the idea far fetched. The idea behind this concept is that people can be so caught up wrestling with their issues — dysfunctional relationships, bad choices in life, addictions, struggles to resolve childhood problems – that perspective is lost. It’s the old idea that we can spot solutions to others problems, while we aren’t able to clearly see or understand how to resolve our own.

Watching certain movies, we can see how others deal with difficult problems or issues.

Someone watching A Beautiful Mind can learn about the disease of schizophrenia and how it impacts individuals, families, co-workers, and friends.

Someone dealing with abandonment could watch This Boy’s Life, Kramer Vs. Kramer, or To Kill a Mockingbird.

Someone dealing with being with family over the holidays could watch Rocket Gibraltar and come to an understanding of why going home for the holidays as an adult can be so difficult. In this movie, adult

Top Horror Films To Get Excited About In The New Year

We’re only four months into the new year and it seems that horror movie buffs all around the world already have their hands full in terms of new gems to get excited about.

Horror fans across the globe seem to have been suddenly blessed as of recent. This particular area of the film world has finally begun to thrive into a very glamorous and properly appreciated culture in film. Though we have sure suffered our weight in remakes and endless sequels, it’s no doubt that we are seeing some of the most original and artistic horror films of our generation.

Though when awards season comes around, reality strikes yet again. The Horror and film noir genre’s unique and underground artistic expression just may be doomed to be seen as an underrated spark outside the spotlight.

But perhaps we shouldn’t feel so down about this, could the fact that it resides out of the spot light be the reason for it’s eternal genius? Each year, we see our fair share of remakes of old classics and endless sequels to the point of no return (Fast And Furious has gone on to the point where it’s nowhere

The New Huntsman Movie Is Here

Hollywood filmmakers are always trying to experiment with different kinds of films. Last year, Hollywood movie buffs were treated with a wonderful fantasy film, Ex Machina. The movie, which featured Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander, dealt with the relationship between a human being and an AI. The film was something that was never seen before and people loved it. While some filmmakers make movies on newer subjects, the rest rely on the age old formulas. One of the most common trends in Hollywood is sequels. If a film is a hit, the makers always try to make the second part of it. And if that works too, then you can expect it to turn into a franchise. The only downside of sequels or franchises is that very few of them manage to retain the charm that the original film had. Even die-hard fans of the Fast and the Furious series are slowly losing interest in the franchise.

While making instalments in a franchise, makers sometimes opt for prequels too. They show the backstory of the characters and how it all started. One of the upcoming adventure movies, too, is the second instalment of a series. Titled The

TV Shows I’m Following

I decided to follow suit from my review about Books I want to re-read. Only It’s not going to be shows I want to re-watch but ‘Shows I’m fllowing’. It’s easier and quicker to list the shows I’m following then my favorite books. Listing my favorite books would take… Oh, probably forever.

I’m sure there will be more shows in the future (I love watching TV shows) so I’ll either add them here to the list or make a continuation post. Well…

Shall we begin?

One more thing: *This post is spoiler free for all of the shows I’ll be mentioning. In case of any occasional spoilers, I’ll be sure to mark it*

Once Upon A time

Emma has come a long way, hasn’t she?

I can hardly remember the Emma of season 1.

The show gets so much more better after season 1.

Season 4 finale gave me a huge shock. This season is going to be… interesting.

Yeah… sorry, I’m using some vague descriptions here.

In any case, Once Upon A Time is one of the best shows I’ve watched (and still watching). It’s all the

Sitcom Characters Who Appear On Game Shows

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has a contract that runs through 2018, but this season could be his very last. Possible replacements have been suggested, even though the producers of the show have given no indication who the successor will be.

Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer are two prominent names that have come up, as has sports anchor Dan Patrick. Another interesting name to arise is Ty Burrell, the star of ABC’s Modern Family.

Burrell would probably be the most entertaining of the four names mentioned above, and he would give the show a touch of humor. His work as patriarch Phil Dumfee in the current popular sitcom has already made him a household name, a flawed but adorable dad along the lines of Al Bundy, Archie Bunker, or even Homer Simpson.

Although Burrell’s character has never appeared in an actual game show on Modern Family, other sitcoms have had their regulars participate in a variety of real or made-up game shows. Here are nine of those sitcoms.

Full House

Joey (played by Dave Coulier) hosts a show called “Perfect Couple” where the competitors are a dating couple (DJ and Steve), an engaged couple

What’s Next For Superman On Screen?

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is alive and thriving with the third installment of their universe coming this August, in the form of Suicide Squad. Currently, the Justice League cast are on the set cutting scenes and preparing for the long shoot they have ahead of them. With Justice League already filming it got me wondering, what is the next step in the Superman arc that is currently playing out in the DCEU?

There are some of you that believe Director Zack Snyder does not know how to portray Superman and is failing badly on that score.

Think about this.

The current Superman in the DCEU is already two movies deep into his own story and will complete the arc in the Justice League movies. You may be asking, what is that story arc?

The path that Superman is on right now is broken into three parts; the birth of Superman, the death of Superman, and the resurrection of Superman. Each one of these parts are placed within each of the movies in the DCEU so far and are being used to develop Superman into the true hero that has the world looking to

7 Actors Who Played a Memorable Attorney on the Big Screen

Hollywood and lawyers have gone together like two peas in a pod since the very inception of motion pictures. In an industry built on fantasy and unlimited imagination, playing an attorney in a well-written film can be the direct route to big recognition in an actor’s career. From Atticus Finch to Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, those portraying legal advocates have given us some of the most memorable characters in Hollywood history. Among all the many examples, these top seven thespians provided us with some of the most unforgettable performances in the courtroom.

1. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch

No one can forget Gregory Peck’s portrayal of attorney Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Admirable father to Scout and Jem, Atticus Finch uses his legal prowess to fight against racial injustice in Depression-era Alabama. His defense of African-American Tom Robinson, who was wrongfully accused of rape, stands the test of time as one of the top courtroom performances ever.

2. Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini

As an unsuccessful and frustrated attorney in “My Cousin Vinny,” Joe Pesci’s comical portrayal of Vincent “Vinny” Gambini earned this film a cult following. Vinny pulls off an unimaginable courtroom

Top 10 Best Anime Movies You Can Watch

Anime movies are an awesome way for spreading an ethical idea. It teaches not only kids but older ones as well. The focus in anime movies is always on the ideas, more than which actor will play which role. There is a great effort exerted in making up the cartoon characters of course, but here is the point: because they are made, they are made with the goal in mind. All the movies in this list are ones that are loved by kids and grown ups. From the daring girl who defy the out-dated ideas of her dad, to the act of love that thaws a frozen heart; they all exude great ideas. Point blank, again, they teach.

  • 10 Big Hero

Issued in 2014 by Walt Disney, the movie got 431 million dollars in Box office. It tells the story of Hiro Hamada who is a robotics genius and intends to fight the villain. He is then taken to university by his brother in order to make good use of his genius. The film premiered in the Abu Dhabi and Tokyo and loved by the public.

  • 9 Wreck-It Ralph

Released in 2012, Wreck-It Ralph

Online TV – What Are The Advantages?

If you have favorite sports, news programs and movies, among other shows, then you understand how frustrating it can be to miss them just because you are not home next to your TV set. However, the internet has revolutionized the way things are done and it is now possible for you to enjoy every live programming on the go. This is thanks to online TV. With new internet technology, it is possible for viewers to stream digital content live. Live TV offers them access to good number of channels where they are able to watch their desired programs. Online TV comes with a number of advantages which is probably the reason behind its popularity.

1. It can be connected to several devices

Live TV can be connected to a tablet, mobile phone usually compatible smartphones that can accommodate the software and web browser. This means that users are not limited to a TV set as it is usually the case. You get to use what you have to enjoy the live programming that you love.

2. It gives you TV access anytime and anywhere

This is considering that the online TV can be accessed

Why Chops Are Important for the Professional Actor!

I believe it’s about working, not waiting for something to happen! Why? Well, let’s just say that your looks can only get you in the door. After that they are going to want to see how well you can act. It’s important for an actor to stay organized as if they have a regular nine to five job. As an actor, you have to wake up in the morning and treat everyday like a working day. A lot of actors make the mistake of not working and preparing on a consistent base’s and that is where a lot of mistakes are made. If you don’t work at acting every single day then when audition day comes you aren’t ready to book the role. When you have to maintain your own work hours and schedule it can be difficult to follow a regular program. For example, when you read a script many times, different elements unfold with each read. The more you read, the more breakthroughs you will make. It’s important to have solid material to work with on a regular base’s. Plays, original screenplays, monologues, film scripts of what ever you can find are all of material. Finding

What Makes You Want to Be an Actor?

What do you think acting is? If you think acting is about being famous, or about being under the spotlight of the paparazzi then you are aren’t in it for the right reasons. If you are in it just to shine under the spotlight then you aren’t in it for the right reasons and should perhaps consider a different career. Actors think on a much deeper level than the Hollywood glamour a lot of people dream about and pursue acting for. True actors will find it easier to beat their competition because the work on their craft never lies.

Some actors just do it as a hobby, a part time side job, and for those individuals turning craft into a career just will not happen that easily if you don’t have the commitment! As a kid I was very expressive, loud, talkative, passionate and its my uniqueness that helped my peers and teachers tell me that I should become an actor and get an agent. So I did! Growing up with drama classes I learned more and more about myself and how to work on my craft. It’s my child like free spirit that has driven me

Top 10 Halloween Movies For Kids

Every year, it seems the talk of Christmas comes earlier and earlier, with stores stocking shelves with red and green decorations well before Halloween has even arrived. Commercials start airing with the hottest toys of the season and Christmas movies start before we’ve even taken the turkey out of the oven on Thanksgiving.

To take full advantage of the short amount of time we have to celebrate Halloween, we’ve learned to cram as many scary movies as we can into our weekends with spooky movie marathons in October. Other than that one fall-themed cartoon episode that seems to air over and over, there’s not many choices when it comes to today’s kid-friendly Halloween movies.

This is the perfect opportunity for parents to both share and re-watch their favorite spooky movie classics with their children, giving them the chance to experience the best of Tim Burton, and find out what the Grinch was up to before Christmas Eve. Plus, these family-friendly movies are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a break from the constant flood of Christmas-themed TV shows and movies that will soon be on their way.

Top 10 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies


Shahrukh Khan – The Undisputed King of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan is a highly loved and celebrated actor of Bollywood who has acted in several blockbuster movies. He is considered as the most influential actor in present day Bollywood. If you will look at his journey from beginning till now, you will be awe-inspired. You may love or hate his films, but there is no denying the fact that he has been the role model for the youth of India with his inspiring success story.

Shahrukh Khan is one of the world’s biggest movie stars who has won several prestigious awards. His name means ‘face of a king’ and truly so, he is the undisputed king of the Indian film industry.

Shahrukh Khan has won 8 Filmfare Best Actor Awards, Filmfare Best Male Debut Awards, 1 Filmfare Best Villain Award, 17 Screen Awards, including four for Best Actor, five for Best Actor (Popular Choice), seven Jodi No. 1 and Award for Best Jodi of the Decade (along with Kajol). He has also won six IIFA awards, ten Zee Cine Awards and six Sansui Viewer’s Choice Awards out of 8 nominations.

He has also won several national and international honors. In 1997, he won the

There Is Still Some Good in Television (2)

I agree that there so many programmes that devalue good character and composure have pervaded the audiovisual industry today. But these programmes are NOT COMPULSORY. No one says you must watch them. In fact, I suggest that you avoid every programme that will not build your character up. Thankfully, we have such programmes on air as well. Today, we can also watch programmes that shape our character in the form of good movies with vital life lessons in them, on television.

The television is also a platform where every citizen becomes involved in the running of the nation. Election debates can be watched on television. Hence, the citizens can determine whom they want to be their next leader, simply by listening to the candidates speak.

Also, it is an important factor that shapes the minds of youths, when they watch their role models and celebrities on television. This makes them aspire to be like them. Many shining stars in the world today became inspired when they watched, say, their favourite footballer, on television. In a nutshell, the television can also be used to breed new generation of national and global heroes.

The television industry also

There Is Still Some Good in Television (1)

The image of the device called the television has been terribly maligned by many a writer. Won’t you feel pity for the device when you hear that it is the single cause of undone assignments, dullness in kids, or, worse still, that it is the devil’s box! Yep, that’s right. Some people believed, and probably still believe that Satan has/had a box with which to perpetrate his evil plots. Satan, they claimed, wants this box in every household to bring about destruction. Guess the name of the device. You guessed right-television.

However, it will do us a lot of good to note that this device is only harmful when abused and when used against the manufacturer’s instruction. Moderate watching of the proper programmes on the television will do you no more harm than listening to a radio.

Well, here comes television’s knight in shining armour: me. I have come to rescue the device from the tongue of naysayers. A television is just like a radio in which you can see the events as they unfold.

Here, some benefits that the PROPER and WHOLESOME use of the television has brought to the world since its invention,

The Blacklist – Season 3 Episodes 17 & 18 Review

What. The. Hell.

What did I just watch? Because I can’t seem to make any sense of it.

I’m in shock. And denial. I can’t believe what I just saw happening.

Liz is dead.

Nope, can’t be. Not possible. There are two main-important characters on this show that you just can’t kill off: Red and Liz. Of course I’ll be upset if one of the other main characters died but there are characters you simply… can’t kill. It makes no sense. The show will never-ever be the same without them.

And Liz is that kind of character. It’s not the blacklist anymore without Liz. It can’t be.

I’m still reeling.

And I couldn’t find anything online to weather Liz will be back or if she’s gone for good.

If it was a fantasy show or a science fiction show and the main character was killed, I wouldn’t have believed it for a second. There is always a way to bring them back in those kind of shows.

But it’s a real life (sort of) crime-drama show we’re talking about here. No magic. No science fiction technology.

Everyone has

Too Much Television Can Harm Your Child

He ties his towel around his neck and jumps off the sofa and then says, “Look mommy, I am superman”. You first reaction is how cute, but upon reflection you realize that this behavior will lead to other daring and unsafe deeds. Where did the desire to fly come from? As you ask the question, you remember the marathon of Superman movies your child viewed last week. Television imagery stays with your child and can influence his behavior.

Watching too much TV distorts a child’s reality. Sitting at a screen and taking in imagery after imagery of a pretend world distorts a child’s thinking. What this means for the child is a willingness to try to fly like Superman and do the many suggestive behavior observed that appeals to their psychological or emotional needs.

Experts support that aggressive behavior in children comes from a constant exposure to violent movies, shows, series, video games and or commercials. Repeatedly watching of actors hurting each other with guns, sharp objects, and body parts become a part of a child’s mental programing. Consequently, this built up aggression must have outlet and will manifest in leaping from furniture, physical altercation with

The Best Hollywood Movie Channels

These days, English movie channels are splurging a lot of money on their content as it is what keeps viewers glued to their television sets. In the end, it all boils down to what is generally shown to them. Today, the medium caters to each and every viewer irrespective to their tastes and choice of films they watch. The most popular genres comprise of action-adventure, drama, romance, comedy and action thriller.

Why Action-Adventure Watched Most?

Out of all the popular choices, people prefer action-adventure over others. They carry a mass appeal because once you watch any such movie, you feel a sudden rush of blood surging through your veins. It gives you a kind of excitement like an adrenaline rush felt never before. You can catch up with your favourite blockbusters being telecast on an award-winning movies TV channel every day. They have a power-packed schedule in which best of the action-adventure flicks are lined up for broadcast. Hottest in the trends cover Mad Max: Fury Road, Jupiter Ascending and American Sniper.

People Love Drama

Drama is a part of life and we cannot imagine a life without it. Such stories can be sorrowful